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Construction Takeoffs & Estimating Services.

Zara Estimators is On-Demand Real-Time Cost Estimating And Take Off Services For Contractors, Estimators, Material Suppliers And Cost-Consultants.

Difference Between Take Off And Estimation​

A Takeoff Is Simply Determining The Amount Of All The Materials Needed For A Job. That’s It! Takeoffs Don’t Have Any Material Costs Associated With Them And Don’t Include Extra Costs That An Estimate Does. In Contrast, An Estimate Takes The Takeoff A Few Steps Further Such As Labor, Projections.

Our Services Include:

  • ​​Site Preparation and Earthwork Estimating
  • Concrete Estimating
  • Framing Estimates
  • Plumbing Estimating
  • Electrical Estimating
  • HVAC Estimating
  • Roofing Estimating
  • Insulation Estimating
  • Drywall Estimating
  • Painting Estimating
  • Flooring Estimating
  • Landscaping Estimating
  • General Construction Estimating
  • General Contractor Estimating
  • Subcontractor Estimating
  • Quantity Surveys
  • Construction Takeoffs
  • Full Cost Estimates
  • ROM Estimating
  • Budget Preparation

Winning Proposals

Our smart software are based on artificial intelligence. We make money by giving you peace of mind and we do the heavy lifting for you.


How Do I Get Started?


You Schedule A Free Consultation

You Can Upload Your Plans Or Email Us At Atiffza@Gmail.Com. Whichever Is More Convenient For You. Set Up An Appointment Via Zoom Or Phone Call And Go Over The Project.


We Prepare The Professional Proposal

Before Starting, We’ll Send You A Detailed Quote For Our Services. Every Client Is Unique So We Take The Time To Review Each Situation Individually. We’ll Factor In Things Like Project Range, Difficulty, Trades, And More.

We Go Over With You On Takeoff And Estimates In Detail.

Our Team Will Prepare Takeoff And Estimate Of Your Project. When We Deliver You’ll Receive A PDF And An Excel File Of Your Estimate. We Go Over With You On The Estimate. We Offer Various Services Such As Generate Business, Project Management And More. See The Price Tab.


ZARA ESTIMATORS is a National Construction Estimating Firm in the business of helping contractors win projects.

We estimate and takeoff your entire project for you based on local pricing. We perform construction estimating services for busy contractors.

Most contractors are so busy running their jobsites that they NEGLECT the estimating. You’re supervising jobs, making deliveries, going to jobsite meetings, and the only time to work on estimating is NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Pricing & Package

(Package 1)


Our flat-rate pricing for contractors’ construction estimates is efficient and transparent, solely determined by your project’s value, not time.

Project Range $10k to $100k = $500

Project Range $100k to $500k = $1000

Project Range $500k to $1M = $1500

Key Features

We provide construction Take-Off In Excel

PDF Marking Sheet.

Construction Trades Highlights

We scheduled a project discussion meeting



Enhancing the benefits included in package one, we go the extra mile by efficiently coordinating sub-contractor bids and sourcing hourly labor for your project’s needs.

$2500 Monthly Contract

We offer estimates for a maximum of 5 projects

Estimates, Take off and Subs

Key Features

Package 1 Features Included

Provide The Material Prices

Arrange Sub Contractors

Arrange Labor

(Package 3)


You are required to make a payment of just 20% once you successfully secure the project.

You pay ONLY once you won

NO win , NO pay

20% of the project Value

Key Features

Package 1/2 Features Included

Project Management

Project Schedule

Project Submittals



We adopt a collaborative investment model, entering into a 50/50 partnership for business operations across all 50 states.

We Invest, Manage & Complete

We Find Projects

All 50 States

Key Features

Key Features Included in Packages 1/2/3

Project Sourcing: We locate projects for you

Equal Investment: We share costs on a 50/50 basis

Our partnership spans all 50 states

Trusted By The U.S Government

Private, Government, And Military Estimating. We Work Closely With Prevailing Wage Contractors. We’ve Worked On Countless Government Projects Nationwide And Even Worldwide. Most Recently We’ve Worked On The Following Projects:

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